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Nicolle Belieny, a 19-year-old aspiring professional photographer, captivates audiences with her imaginative and heartfelt work. Currently based in Florida. Specializing in creating photographs that ignite a deep connection, Nicolle infuses her unique style into every shot. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for incorporating creativity, she crafts images that are truly exceptional. By building a personal connection with her clients, Nicolle ensures their authentic selves are captured, resulting in cherished memories. Her move to Florida opens doors to explore new landscapes and cultures, adding diversity to her portfolio. With unwavering dedication and a passion for excellence, Nicolle Belieny is set to make a profound impact in professional photography. Her work encourages individuals to rediscover the beauty and magic within their lives through her lens, making her an up-and-coming talent to watch out for.

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Sentimental Package

This package will focus more with one on one photos. Such as senior, engagement, portrait, college, headshots and family.

1 hour Session - $100

1 hour Session & 1 outfit change - $150

1 1/2 hour Session & 2 outfit changes - $200

2+ Hour Session - Must Contact for pricing

Lovers Package

This package is our weddings package. (Only photographs)

First Look Only - $500

Bridal Party Getting Ready - $700

Groom Party Getting Ready - $500

Ceremony Pricing: (First Look Included) - $3000

Reception, Last Dance & Send Off - $4500

All inclusive - $6500

Gathering Package

This package will focus more on events (small & medium sized). These may include small weddings with an attendance count under 80 people.

1 hour - $200

2 hours - $350
3+ hours - Must Contact for Pricing

Small Wedding with under 80 people in attendance - Must Contact for pricing




Do You Do FREE Weddings/Events?

I am available to do "free" weddings if you are having a destination wedding/event! The only costs will be my lodging and flights!
(Which can and will be a lot cheaper than having you cover for the photography, editing, flights and lodging!)

Are you able to travel for our wedding/event?

Yes! If your wedding or event is a destination one or in a different state as me. I am willing to travel anywhere to make sure you are confident and comfortable with your photos!

What types of photography do you do?

Anything and Everything! Seriously though, I do headshots, portraits, groups, weddings, engagements, birthdays, etc. Whatever memory you want to be registered I got you covered!

Are deposits refundable?

No, HOWEVER, your $50 deposit (for weddings or long sessions) and $20 deposit (for smaller sessions and events) secure your session and will be counted off your total price. If your session needs to be rescheduled due to an emergency there is no charge. However for the sentimental package if you are later than 30 minutes to your session there will be an additional $10 to your total cost.

When will we get our finished & edited photos/prints?

Sentimental Package - 2 to 4 buisness days

Gathering Package - 5 to 7 buisness days

Lovers Package - 9 to 14 buisness days

What’s your cancellation/rescheduling policy?

All sessions and events may be rescheduled a maximum amount of 3 times, after that you may cancel or pay an additional $25 that will be added to your total. When rescheduling/canceling please make sure to have at least 4 days of advanced notice. If there is a last minute cancellation or rescheduling please contact me to discuss your scheduling issues before making any decisions, I can totally help you out with any hiccups!

Do I get the copyright/ownership of my photos?

Yes! As soon as the images are in your hands you share ownership to them! You are then able to share them anywhere you would like! If you would like to post on social media you can even tag my accounts so I can see how much you admired them!






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